Best Tesla Model X Accessories in 2024 – Top Choices & Reviews

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The Tesla Model X is the flagship electric SUV from Tesla that sets new standards for performance and handling while also remaining eco-friendly. With its bold design, advanced performance, and useful features, it can serve as the perfect companion on your everyday driving as well as long road trips.
However, just like any other car, there are also some things you need to upgrade or customize to make it suit your personal needs better. Fortunately, if you have bought a Tesla model before, you are probably aware of their famous dedication to user-friendliness and excellent customer service. That’s why there are many cool accessories for the Model X that are designed specifically for this car. Here is Best Auto Live‘s list of the best Tesla Model X accessories:

Chirano Lifting Jack Pad

This Chirano Lifting Jack Pad is perfect for all terrain vehicles. Made of hard vulcanized rubber, it is durable and long lasting. The black color adds a stylish touch to your vehicle, while the floor jack style makes it easy to use.

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1. Maintenance free: The pad is made with vulcanized rubber and will not need to be lubricated or maintained in any way, which makes it much more durable than other types of pads on the market.
2. Lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects: All Chirano Lifting Jack Pads are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects; if your pad ever wears out, call us and we’ll ship you another one!
3. Affordable price point: While our competitors may charge up to five times as much for the same product (or less features), we’ve managed to offer these pads at an affordable price-point that everyone can afford – no matter what they drive!

4. Capacity Rating provides high load bearing weight so vehicles won’t sink into soft terrain like sand or snow

5. Flexible underbelly prevents vehicles from bottoming out when being lifted over rough ground
1. Less Durable Than Steel Pads: Rubber pads are not as durable as steel, and their lifespan is less than half of what a traditional floor jack provides.

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Jaronx Center Console Organizer Storage Box

This innovative product is designed to fit perfectly in your Tesla Model S or Model X 2012-2019 or 2020-2021. It provides additional storage space to manage your wallet, sunglasses, pens, business cards or phones in factory roomy, deep console cubby storage. Leaving room for storage space isn’t particularly well designed by Tesla, so this product is here to help! The Jaronx Center Console Organizer Storage Box is made of solid ABS material, and the edge is thickened, which is perfect for keeping your items safe and secure. It also comes with 2 anti-slip mats to keep your items from sliding around.

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1. Solid and durable Material: ABS material construction to ensure a sturdy, secure and aesthetically pleasing console insert.
2. Profile Protection: Console Cubby will protect your car’s center console from scratches, dusts or chips caused by moving objects, or from being bumped into when opening the door s/n you are in traffic
3. Easy Installation Process : Using non-marking adhesive for clear installation ensures that no dents would be left on your dashboard after installation
1. Drawer isn’t long enough for larger items: The drawer doesn’t have the capacity to hold objects that are bigger than a wallet. This could lead to unsafe placement of smaller heavier items which might fall out of the compartment or slide forward and obstruct visibility when driving

LMZX Tesla Model X Key Fob Cover Holder Keychain

This amazing keychain is made especially for the Tesla remotes and is sure to make your key fob stand out from the rest. It is made with premium aluminum metal material that is hard and durable, making it perfect for everyday use. It is also shock resistant, so you can rest assured that your key fob is well protected. Plus, it is easy to install, just fixed by screws.

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1. Fits Multiple Tesla Model X Models: This fits every Tesla model, by adjusting the straps to a different size and hooking them onto your key fob in different places.
2. Super Durable and Protective – The metal is made out of premium aluminum which will last for years even if it’s constantly being put into the same pocket as keys that poke at it all day long or dropped on its face from time to time (hey, accidents happen). It also protects your car remotes from any scratches due to metal-on-metal contact with other items in your purse or bag where you carry this around every single day.
3. Lightweight – When they say lightweight they really mean just that! These weigh almost nothing but are still incredibly durable which can be a good thing when you want an easier item to carry with you wherever you go!
1. Scratches and Smudges on Tesla Key Fob remote buttons: The buttons of the remotes can be scratched or smeared by the covering material if there is too much pressure with contact.

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BASENOR Tesla Model X Windshield Sunshade

This windshield shade has been custom cut specifically for the Tesla Model X, making it a perfect fit. The reinforced steel rings make it strong enough to withstand even the strongest of winds. The double layer of heat shield fabric keeps out the sun, while the high-quality fabric provides a comfortable and luxurious feel. The best part? It’s easy to use and store, so you can keep your car looking great all year long.

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1. Custom Fit Design: The design of the windshield sunshade has been customized for Tesla Model X, this is a good thing because it sits tight in place and doesn’t move at all on windy days.
2. Upgraded Insulation Layer Design: This product offers upgraded insulation layers to protect from the heat outside and make sure that you are not burning up inside your car even when parked
3. Durable Material Quality : Our windshield shade will keep its durability with time as well as block out harmful UV rays coming through your window due to high-temperature retention materials used in production process
1. Limited Use Window Area Coverage : This product only covers an area from 4 feet above the dashboard/cabin all around your window so passengers must climb down from their seats if they need coverage higher than where these shades go

andobil Phone Mount for Car

The andobil phone mount has nano gel suction cups which provide a strong and stable hold, even on rough roads. The triangular structure of the andobil phone mount ensures that your phone is held firmly in place, and the non-slip rubber pad ensures that it doesn’t slip during use. The andobil phone mount is also very easy to install, making it a perfect addition to your car.

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1. Ease of Use: The andobil car mount is easy to install in a vehicle, no drilling required. You can also adjust the viewing angle anywhere between 0° and 180° to suit your needs
2. Universal Compatibility: This mobile phone holder works with all smartphones on the market today including large LCD screens and plus-sized phones like iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus 5.5 inches
1. Bulky Design: The andobil phone mount is a bulky design which does not fit easily into tight spaces.


1. What are the best Tesla Model X accessories?

The best Tesla Model X accessories are those that improve the performance of the vehicle. Some of the most popular accessories include performance tires, suspension kits, and performance exhaust systems.

2. How can these accessories improve the performance of the Tesla Model X?

These accessories can improve the performance of the Tesla Model X by increasing its power and efficiency. Performance tires provide better traction and handling, while suspension kits improve the ride quality and handling. Performance exhaust systems improve the engine’s power and efficiency.

3. What are some of the most popular Tesla Model X accessories?

Some of the most popular Tesla Model X accessories include performance tires, suspension kits, and performance exhaust systems. Other popular accessories include floor mats, seat covers, and cargo mats.

4. Are there any accessories that are specifically designed for the Tesla Model X?

There are many accessories that are specifically designed for the Tesla Model X, such as performance tires, suspension kits, and performance exhaust systems. These accessories can improve the performance of the vehicle and make it more enjoyable to drive.

5. How can I find out more about these accessories?

You can find out more about these accessories by searching for them online or contacting a Tesla dealer.

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