Best Lowering Springs For Tesla Model 3 in 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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The Tesla Model 3 is an absolute joy to drive, but it could be even better. Despite its affordable price tag, the Model 3 is still a performance car first and foremost, so anything we can do to improve its handling will only be beneficial. One of the most common mods that we see on performance cars is lowering springs. They’re not just for looks; lowering your car improves acceleration, cornering, and handling by reducing the height of your car.
Below we’ll take a look at some of the best lowering springs for Tesla Model 3 owners looking to upgrade their ride. There are many different types of lowering springs out there – from simple coil spring spacers to complete drop kits with new shocks and struts – but not all of them are suitable for the Tesla Model 3.

H&R 50888 Sport Spring

The H&R Sport Spring is really a superb ride. It is comparable with OEM quality. The H&R Sport Spring lowers the center of gravity and provides better handling, making driving more stable. It is 100% made in Germany. It is easy to install and comes with installation instructions and heavy-duty hardware for anchoring your car.

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Pros – H&R Springs perform well. They are made of high-quality material, and they have never caused any problems.
Cons – Since they don’t go as low as some brands, they are a little more expensive and can’t be used with other components that are lower to the ground.

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Eibach 4.9528 Sportline Performance Spring Kit

Eibach 4.9528 Sportline Performance Spring Kit provides a lower price than competitors. Each spring is engineered with a progressive design that guarantees better ride quality and superb durability.

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Pros – Eibach Sportline springs have fantastic braking and handling capabilities. A must if you’re taking your vehicle off-road.
Cons – Springs are expensive, even on sale.
Suggestions – Offer an affordable option for those who don’t want to commit the $150 necessary for the Sportline springs.

MOOG 81069 Coil Spring Set

These coil springs are designed to restore your vehicle’s alignment and ensure proper tire wear. Worn or sagged coils can cause premature tire wear due to misalignment. The springs are manufactured with high quality and TÜV-certified for high performance. They’re easy to install, have a lifetime warranty and provide like-new steering.

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– Lifetime Warranty
– High quality
– Easy installation
– Safe for the driver
– Little expensive

BMR Suspension SP001R F-Body Lowering Spring Kit 

The BMR Suspension SP001R F-Body Lowering Spring Kit is worth the cheaper price and good enough for the weekend warrior. Although this is a very affordable item, it still has quality. These springs will help you get the perfect stance while also giving you great handling and a smooth ride.

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– Adjustable spring rate makes it perfect for various driving styles and road conditions.
– Offers a lower price than most other sellers and an excellent spring rate.
Cons – Doesn’t include installation instructions, but the installation process is relatively easy to understand.

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Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Spring Set of 4 Spring

This is a great performance spring set for your car. It gives stiffer springs and better handling without compromising ride quality. The best features are it reduces excessive clearance when you lower your car and reduces braking distance by about 31 meters.

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Pros – The kit provides everything you need to upgrade your suspension without having to take it to a mechanic. It’s all there, from the springs to the installation brackets.
Cons – Higher cost than other brands, but worth it.


1. What are the best lowering springs for Tesla Model 3?

The best lowering springs for Tesla Model 3 are the ones that offer the best combination of ride quality and performance. There are many different brands and types of lowering springs available, so it is important to do your research and find the ones that will work best for your vehicle.

2. What are the benefits of lowering springs for Tesla Model 3?

There are several benefits to lowering springs for Tesla Model 3. Lowering the center of gravity can improve handling and stability, and can also make the car look more aggressive. In addition, lowering springs can improve the performance of the suspension by stiffening it and reducing body roll.

3. How do lowering springs improve the performance of Tesla Model 3?

Lowering springs improve the performance of the Tesla Model 3 by lowering the center of gravity of the car. This makes the car more stable and better able to handle corners. Lowering springs also improve the suspension, making the car more comfortable to drive.

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4. What are the drawbacks of lowering springs for Tesla Model 3?

There are a few drawbacks to lowering springs for Tesla Model 3. One is that they can make the ride harsher, as the springs will be working harder to keep the car level. Another is that they can decrease the ground clearance of the car, making it more difficult to go over speed bumps and other obstacles.

5. How do I choose the right lowering springs for my Tesla Model 3?

When choosing lowering springs for Tesla Model 3, it is important to consider your driving style and needs. If you are looking for improved performance, then you will want to choose springs that offer a lower ride height. If you are looking for a more comfortable ride, then you will want to choose springs that offer a higher ride height.

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