Best Floor Jack For Tesla Model 3 in 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

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When working on your Tesla Model 3, you’ll need the right tools for the job. If you are planning to do a fair amount of maintenance on your car or even just do some simple tasks like changing the oil or brakes, then it is time to get yourself a floor jack.
But which one should you choose? There are so many types out there that finding the best option can be challenging. In this article, we will explore all of your options, and pick the best floor jack for Tesla Model 3 with their pros and cons. Keep reading to learn more.

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

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1. Safety: the Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack features a patented bypass device and a built-in safety valve that protects the user when there is an overload.
2. Durable Material: The Pro-Lift F819 Blue Steel with Load Cell Base Carpet Stackers & Dollies has been constructed from strong steel material to increase sturdiness and provide durability while used in heavy-duty applications or heavy weight lifting tasks
3. Easy Transportation Option: The Carton Depth Range of this particular car jack is 20 inches on the lowest setting to 24 inches on the highest setting with Ratcheting action for convenient transport
4. Versatile Design: This product can be used both indoors as well as outdoors because it comes in handy in tight spaces (those that are hard for larger floor jacks). The handle lock mechanism also allows you to store your equipment conveniently without any trouble whatsoever!
1. Lifts So Little Height at One Time: If a user is trying to raise their car off the ground by using this jack, it will take a lot of time because it only lifts 3″ (7 CM) per turn and maxes out at 15 inches (38 CM).

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Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

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1. Durable Construction: The aluminum alloy head and base provide durability, while the reinforced lifting arm provides strength and chassis torsion control.
2. Handle Design-Arcan engineers have designed a handle to be conveniently positioned on either side of the jack for easy use in tight spaces or when access is restricted by other equipment like an axle stands
3. Side Indicators- Arcan has included side indicators that show whether the floor jack saddle is lifted above or below its working height range
1. Not Heavy Duty Enough: One of the cons to this floor jack is that it fails to maintain load support when raised more than 3 inches. If an item on the ground exceeds 3 inches in height, then one can expect it to topple over during use due to a lack of necessary stability.

BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor Jack

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1. Durable and Ready for Use: Our hydraulic trolley floor jack is made with heavy-duty steel construction, making it perfect for use in any car shop or automotive garage by mechanics.
2. Minimal Effort Required to Lift Vehicle: This hydraulic trolley floor jack features a 3-ton (6,000 lb) capacity and an effective low profile design which makes it efficient when lifting vehicles that are high off the ground!
3. Long-Lasting Floor Jack Features Both Casters and Swivel Wheels For Easy Maneuverability on all surfaces; The long saddle neck also provides you with the versatility of using this machine no matter how tall your vehicle may be
1. Higher Price Point than Traditional Floor Jacks: This T83006 Torin Hydraulic Jack has a higher price point when compared with traditional floor jacks that have similar specifications on Amazon

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Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack

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1. Safety-oriented Design: Blackhawk’s B6350 Service Jack is engineered for safety with a built-in internal safety valve and vent plug mechanism, giving you peace of mind when using it.
2. Precision Controls With Rugged Universal Joints: This jack provides you with precision controls to make sure you get the perfect placement every time, even in tough places where lifting can be hard work like under vehicles or over obstacles that are difficult to access from all angles like stairs and ladders. The rugged universal joint gives precise load control so your jack will never slip off position once it’s on-site for the use which saves tons of aggravation every time!
1. Expensive: Blackhawk makes a high-quality jack but it’s still really expensive.

Powerbuilt 2 Ton Triple Lift Floor Jack

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1. Maximum Stability with a Wide Wheelbase: The wide wheelbase offers stability well beyond the average floor jack for an extremely stable lifting platform
2. No Need for Jackstands – Sliding Safety Bar Included: Unlike most floor jacks which must be used in tandem with jack stands or other types of stabilizers (for safety purposes), this model does not require additional stabilization devices! Simply slide the included safety bar into place beneath your load to prevent it from sliding off during use
1. Difficult Adjustments with Round Saddle Installed: This product requires some adjustments before you can operate it on low clearance cars with a round saddle installed in the center of its hinge design


1. What is the best floor jack for Tesla Model 3?

The best floor jack for Tesla Model 3 is the one that is specifically designed for that car model. It should have a wide base for stability, a long handle for easy reach, and a high lifting capacity. It should also be made of durable materials so that it can withstand repeated use.

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2. How do you use a floor jack for Tesla Model 3?

To use a floor jack for Tesla Model 3, first, park the car on a level surface and engage the parking brake. Place the jack under the car at the jack point closest to the wheel that you want to lift. Pump the handle to raise the car until the wheel is clear of the ground. To lower the car, release the pressure on the handle and allow the jack to slowly lower the car back down.

3. What are the benefits of using a floor jack for the Tesla Model 3?

The benefits of using a floor jack for the Tesla Model 3 are that it makes it much easier to change a tire or perform other maintenance tasks on the car. It also helps to prevent damage to the car by lifting it up off the ground instead of trying to push it up onto blocks or stands.

4. How does a floor jack for Tesla Model 3 work?

A floor jack for Tesla Model 3 works by using a hydraulic system to lift the car up off the ground. The jack has a pump that is used to pressurize the hydraulic fluid, which then flows into a cylinder that lifts the car up.

5. What are the features of the best floor jack for the Tesla Model 3?

The best floor jack for Tesla Model 3 should have a wide base for stability, a long handle for easy reach, a high lifting capacity, and be made of durable materials.

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