Best Winter Tires For Tesla Model 3 in 2024 – Reviews & Suggestions

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The Tesla Model 3 is a fantastic car, but like most cars, it’s not the best in the snow. To get the most out of your Model 3 all year you’ll need to invest in some new tires for winter. Luckily there are plenty of great options on the market right now that will give you confidence even when there’s snow and ice around.
This article covers everything you need to know about picking the best winter tires for your Tesla Model 3. There are quite a few things to keep in mind before buying, but with this information, you can confidently choose a set of great winter tires without sacrificing too much performance in the summer.

Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires

These tires are perfect for all of your everyday needs. From trying to cross the desert while still being able to make it through some of the roughest terrains, these are the tires you need. They’re tough but still have great traction control and will stay put. Sure they’re heavy but they’re worth it.

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Pros – These tires have the perfect balance of durability and performance. They work well in both desert and cross-country conditions. And the knobby treads offer enhanced skid and traction control.
Cons – None!

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Pirelli CintuRato P7 All Season Run Flat Radial Tire

The Cinturato P7 is the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly tire ever created by Pirelli. Run flat tires are designed to allow the vehicle to be used for a limited distance in the event of a loss of air pressure, such as in a puncture or blowout. They do not need to be replaced after a puncture and can be used up to 50 miles at speeds up to 50 mph.

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– Quite a puncture resistant and comfortable for vehicles that use the all-season tires
– Good grip on wet roads and snow
– Fuel consumption is also less.
– The sidewall is not as thick as it should be.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT All-Season LT275/70R18 125/122S Tire

The tread is deep and high which keeps mud, dirt, snow, and gravel at bay. It delivers a great performance on the highway and in rain as well.

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– Looks cool and is high-quality
– Readily able to tackle most terrains
– The tires are durable to boot
Cons: Quite expensive. Considering it’s an all-season tire, you wouldn’t think this would be the case.
Suggestions: If you’re looking for a tire that is great for off-road and wet conditions, then this is the tire for you. But if you’re just looking for an all-arounder with no focus on off-road performance, there are plenty of better options available for less money.

Set of 2 (TWO) Fullway HP108 All-Season High-Performance Radial Tires

Wanted a good set of tires on my 4-wheel. There are many different brands, but we went with these as they have 4-ply protection and have good reviews. They are a bit costly but I think it is worth it. This tire is supposed to be so durable and tough, but I had a large rip in the side after just 2 weeks. I’m not very happy with my purchase.

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Pros – Good reviews, 4-Ply Protection, high performance
Cons – Short tread life
Suggestions – Possibly have a better warranty

Goodyear Eagle Touring all_ Season Radial Tire

The tire is affordable and works well on all types of surfaces. They are not available for every car, but for the ones they do fit, they will work great.

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– It is durable.
– The grip is strong enough for all three seasons, even black ice.
– It does not feel like the tires will be going bald soon.
Cons – Not available for every car (should be a more universal fit)
Suggestions – More aggressive tread for snowy areas?


1. What are the best winter tires for Tesla Model 3?

The best winter tires for Tesla Model 3 are the Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires, the Set of 2 (TWO) Fullway HP108 All-Season High-Performance Radial Tires, and the Goodyear Eagle Touring all_ Season Radial Tire.

2. What are the benefits of using winter tires?

The benefits of using winter tires include improved traction and braking on snow and ice, increased comfort and stability, and extended tire life.

3. How do winter tires improve performance?

Winter tires improve performance by providing increased traction and stability on snow and ice, as well as extended tire life.

4. What are the best features of winter tires?

The best features of winter tires are their ability to provide increased traction and braking on snow and ice, and their ability to improve handling and stability in winter driving conditions.

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5. Why are winter tires necessary?

Winter tires are necessary in order to improve safety and performance on icy and snowy roads.

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