Best USB Hub For Tesla Model 3 in 2023 – Buying Guides & Suggestions

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Tesla Model 3 is a great car with superb features. But it has its own set of limitations. One such limitation is the number of ports available in it. You can only use one port for charging and another for AUX input, which means that you cannot charge and play music at the same time. In fact, if you want to listen to music while driving a Model 3, you have to get an additional device because there’s no USB port available in the car.
With so much stress on digital life these days, keeping multiple cables at hand to access different devices is quite cumbersome. That’s why we bring you this article on The Best USB Hub For Tesla Model 3. So keep reading!

Topfit for Tesla 2021 2022 USB LED Hub

1. USB Charging Port for Tesla 2020-2021 Model 3&Y: You can charge your phone wirelessly or put other devices and use the internet on the road with this USB Hub.
2. Clean Design What You Need: The center console is the perfect place for this device, it will not accidentally move when you are driving, plus it looks great when placed in the center console!
3. Wide Compatibility with Type C Car Adapter: Just plug any type of car adapter into one of our two Type C ports and enjoy fast charging, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues anymore!
1. Needs an Update Before It Can Be Used Effectively Out Of The Box: You would need an update before plugging this device into your car’s center console if you don’t have one already installed

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Foruly USB LED Hub

1. Eliminate the need for multiple adapters: With a single USB LED Hub, you can charge and sync your devices without plugging and unplugging cables.
2. Reduce Clutter in Your Car: Cables are neatly stored into one hub that is conveniently located on your center console or even armrests of the seats according to what suits you best!
3. Charge Fast at 27W Max Output Power Using One Type-C Port The 718W power capacity enables charging up to six items at full speed simultaneously with 1A/5 V output current per port
1. Aesthetics: The LED HUB for Tesla is a little too bright and does not fit Tesla’s interior aesthetics completely.


1. Multiple uses: The JOWUA Mini LED Hub is unique in that it not only functions as a charger but also can be used as a light to store your items.
2. Convenient Design: It is designed off the Model 3/Y center console with dual USB-C ports which are conveniently placed at the center console of both vehicles so you don’t need to dig through your pocket or purse for charging cables while driving when you’re on the go!
3. Flat Charge Rate: The power output between different devices will depend on their type, model, and maximum utilization, however, this device guarantees an up to 5V/5A charge rate from any USB port no matter what’s plugged in thanks to sophisticated firmware inside this compact hub board – making it perfect for anything from Apple MacBooks to Android tablets!
1. Not Enough USB Ports at Console Mode 3/Y Center Console: There are two ports that support data transmission on the center console type 3/Y console which can only accommodate 1 USB-C port for charging purposes + 1 Type-A port as well as one button that does not do anything

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TSELLER Docking Station USB C HUB

1. Convenient and durable design: The docking station is specially designed for the central control interface of tesla model y model 3 2021, which can fit perfectly on the edge of the central control, so it does not affect its use. At present, there are 4 USB ports with 2 type C ports at ASUS’ standard (2 USB inputs allowed to charge two mobile phones at a time)
2. Enhanced charging experience: Equipped with an intelligent identification charger IC chip, this hub only needs to be plugged in once and will automatically recognize charges based on device connection ports for each technology such as Type-C or Apple products–it saves you from constantly checking if everything is connected properly!
3. Effective protection mechanism against high voltage risks when using power outlets that do not comply with standards
1. Limits Charging Holes: The TSELLER Docking Station limits smartphone charging ports to two Type-C connectors and two USB inputs which can charge mobile phones simultaneously but cannot charge Macbook devices at the same time


1. Cheap Price: VIJIM Car USB Hub is not just for Tesla owners, it can also be used with cars from other brands such as Audi or BMW that are equipped with the same type of console design.
2. Helpful Device: The car USB hub can charge your phone at any time and you don’t need to worry about forgetting to recharge before heading out again in a hurry because this accessory will make sure it never runs out of battery juice on the go!
3. Beautiful Design: This exterior decoration piece is sleek and stylish, adding flair to everyday driving without being too flashy
1. Aluminum Case & Polycarbonate Panel Separation Failure: The separation of the aluminum case and polycarbonate panel is a common problem for these devices, with this occurring within days in some cases.

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1. What is the best USB hub for Tesla Model 3?

The best USB hub for Tesla Model 3 is the Tesla Model 3 USB Hub. It is a simple, compact, and easy-to-use USB hub that allows you to connect up to 4 devices to your Tesla Model 3.

2. How does the best USB hub for Tesla Model 3 work?

The Tesla Model 3 USB Hub is very easy to use. Simply plug it into the USB port on your Tesla Model 3 and then plug your devices into the USB ports on the hub. The hub will automatically start working and will charge your devices while you are driving.

3. What are the benefits of using the best USB hub for the Tesla Model 3?

The benefits of using the Tesla Model 3 USB Hub are that it is very easy to use, it is compact and it allows you to charge your devices while you are driving.

4. How do I install the best USB hub for Tesla Model 3?

To install the Tesla Model 3 USB Hub, simply plug it into the USB port on your Tesla Model 3.

5. How do I use the best USB hub for Tesla Model 3?

To use the Tesla Model 3 USB Hub, simply plug your devices into the USB ports on the hub. The hub will automatically start working and will charge your devices while you are driving.

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