Best Tesla Model 3 Rims in 2024 – What You NEED to Know

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Looking at Tesla Model 3 rims is an interesting experience. There are plenty of aftermarket wheels to choose from, and most of them are quite impressive. However, since the car is fairly new, there aren’t many manufacturers that have released custom wheels for it just yet. Hopefully, that will change soon, because there are plenty of great options for owners who want to customize their new electric vehicle even further. So if you’re thinking about putting some aftermarket Tesla model 3 rims on your automobile, here’s what you need to know…

Dorman 939-100 15 x 6 In. Steel

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– Quality Guarantee: Dorman guarantees this product’s high quality, so customers can buy with confidence.
– Long-Lasting & Durable: The wheel is made from a steel alloy that ensures durability and will not corrode or rust over time as other metal wheels do.
– Economical Value For Money Option: Customers looking for an economical alternative to the vehicle manufacturer’s part should choose this model as it offers similar performance but at a much lower cost than original equipment parts that would be available elsewhere in the market today
– Need to be bolted to the vehicle: Wheels can not be welded on due to the heat it generates which could melt the alloy of the wheel, especially if thin wall steel is used in its production.

Road Ready Wheel Steel Rim


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– Maintenance-free: These wheels are easier to maintain, with no need for constant painting and polishing.
– Cost-efficient: They save money in the long run – not only on maintenance and replacement costs but also by extending tire life because of their better quality tires and rims, which means fewer replacements needed or expenses paid out for new ones.
– Size options available: With a range of sizes including 17-, 18-, 19-, 20-, 22″; these wheels come in different widths too so you get a perfect fit for your car’s make!
– Proven Durability – Super Strong Steel Construction: With steel being used as the main material, these rims will be tough enough to protect any rim from breaking apart into pieces due to heavy weight or harsh weather conditions
– Rim Fitment Issues: The rim is only compatible with OEM hubcaps, TPMS sensors, lug nuts, and valve stems. Therefore if you are not using these types of parts with your car then this rim may cause fitment issues to brake pads and rotors as well as the wheel bearing assembly.

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Pro Comp Alloys Series 33 Wheel

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– Strength and Rigidity: The Alloys in the Pro Comp Series 33 Wheel are lightweight aluminum alloys with a thickness of 1/8 inch, which has increased strength and rigidity over lesser reinforced wheels.
– Tread Design – Maximizing Traction On Wet Conditions And Low Tire Pressure Force Output: Deep tread design will maximize traction for wet conditions under low tire pressure force output as well as upper body profile for space between tires
– Expensive: These wheels are pricey and will take a large chunk from your wallet.

Pacer 83B FWD BLACK MOD Black Wheel

Pacer 60683B Fwd Black Mod 16X6.5 4X100/4X4.50 72.00 +41 -

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– Enhanced Appearance of Vehicle: The matte black finish of these wheels will give your car an attractive, sporty look, making it more visible on the road at night or during inclement weather conditions like rain or snowfall
– Increased Wheel Life Span: Prevention against corrosion in brake dust could extend wheel life span by up to 5 years with these easily installable bolt-on wheels
– Improved Performance/Handling Under Rough Conditions: These heavy-duty aluminum alloy rims are also sturdy enough for wet roads and undergoing high stresses from turning/braking
– Limited Space in Vehicle Wheel Well: One of the cons to purchasing this wheel is that you may need to modify your vehicle’s wheel well so that it can fit this size. If there is not enough room, then installation will be difficult and take more time than anticipated.

TACTIK Circle 8 Classic Solid Steel Wheel

TACTIK Circle 8 Classic 15 Inch Solid Steel Wheel, Black - 15x8, 5x4.5 Bolt  Pattern (-12.7mm Offset), 4 Backspace - Fits Jeep 1984-2006 Wrangler,  Wagoneer, Comanche, Grand Cherokee TJ YJ MJ ZJ

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– Durable: Steel wheels are a popular choice with both the daily driver and off-road crowd because they provide the ultimate strength and durability over alloy. If the wheel somehow gets dinged, you can simply hammer out the imperfection
– All-around Useable: Even if you didn’t off-road or drive to work every day, these TACTIK Circle 8 Classic Steel Rims will offer all of your standard needs by providing sturdy support through any condition that arises
– Long-Lasting Beauty
– Numerous Complications Arise Due To Size Differentiation: As there are more complications because one cannot use small vehicles like they would large ones there are numerous risks that can come about when using these latter automobiles


1. What are the best Tesla Model 3 rims?

The best Tesla Model 3 rims are the ones that best suit your personal taste and style. Some of them are Dorman 939-100 15 x 6 In. Steel, Road Ready Wheel Steel Rim, and Pacer 83B FWD BLACK MOD Black Wheel.

2. Why are they the best?

There are a few reasons why certain rims might be considered the best for the Tesla Model 3. Firstly, they may offer superior performance in terms of grip, handling, and braking. Secondly, they may be more aesthetically pleasing, offering a sleek and stylish look that enhances the overall appearance of the car. Thirdly, they may be more durable and long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often.

3. What are some of the other benefits of these rims?

Some of the other benefits of these rims include the fact that they can help to improve the resale value of your car, and they can also make it easier to find replacement parts if needed.

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4. How do they compare to other rims on the market?

There are many great rims on the market, but how do they compare to the best Tesla Model 3 rims? In terms of performance, the best Tesla Model 3 rims will typically offer better grip, handling, and braking. In terms of aesthetics, they may be sleeker and more stylish. In terms of durability, they may be more long-lasting. And in terms of price, they may be more expensive.

5. Where can you purchase these rims?

You can purchase the best Tesla Model 3 rims from many different retailers, both online and offline. However, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a good deal by comparing prices and reviews before making your purchase.

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