Best Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads in 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

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The Tesla Model 3 has a smooth, clean exterior that is almost entirely devoid of visible fasteners or other manufacturing details. This gives the car an almost elegant and minimalist look from most angles. However, there is one prominent visible feature on the underside of the Model 3: two jacking points for the factory jack stand points.
These two small metal tabs appear to be purposely left exposed by Tesla to make it easier for owners to set up their own home jack stand locations. While not obvious at first glance, there are several advantages to placing a few pieces of protective carpets or mats underneath your Tesla Model 3. This article will outline some of the best options available today; read on to discover more!

BASENOR Tesla Model 3 / Y/S/X Jack Pad 

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1. 100% Risk-free Guarantee: This product is made of quality material and with precise design to protect cars from any damage. If you are not satisfied, please contact us immediately for a replacement or refund without hesitation!
2. Quick Delivery Time: Ship from the US warehouse so the delivery time will be fast (3-5 days).
3. Durable and Sturdy Material: Made of durable black rubber which can withstand the heavy pressure put on it by the car jack when lifting up vehicle weight
1. Slippery material: With a tacky surface, it can be hard to use one-handed if you have a bad balance or gripping strength in your fingers from injury or another condition like arthritis

Chirano Lifting Jack Pad

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1. Durable and Strong Construction: The pad is made with vulcanized rubber making it durable, strong, and flexible but never sags or moves.
2. Universal Compatibility: It will work on any vehicle type whether a sedan car or off-road vehicles like ATVs as well even if they have different floor levels because of the air side adjustable feature which reduces wear & tear due to height differences between the vehicle’s center of gravity in relation to its ground clearance
3. Safe Usage Design Feature: The anti-slip design gives maximum stability while lifting weights up to 1200 pounds paving way for safe usage by all users without worrying about slipping from this pad.
4 . Value for Money Purchase: These pads are available at reasonable prices and can be reused countless times without any reduction in performance or quality
1. Difficult Installation: One of the difficulties in installing this product is that it requires some spacer to be lowered down onto the floor jack and then it will need some time to settle before use.

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Teslapuck Lifting Jack pad

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1. Resist damage: Proper use of Teslapuck Lifting Jack pad will help protect battery and paint from damage which is often caused by improper jack pad usage.
2. Warranty Promises: Teslapuck products are well-known for their high quality and resistance to wear, tear, and weathering in outdoor environments making it the perfect material when you need a lifting jack pad with longevity!
3. Durable Material: The rubbers used in this product are uniquely strong so they won’t tear easily or make noise while being used on your floor jack or car lift; many models also have ribs inside that provide more grip than smooth rubber pads meaning it’s less likely for them to slip around on the floor of your garage or showroom during installation!
4. Easy Installation: Unlike other incorrectly fitting models, these Tesla Model 3 lifting pucks perfectly fit any factory location thanks to its 4-pronged top shaft design just like OEM equipment (pads measure 10″ x 5″) enabling even novice mechanics to get them installed quickly without having misalignment issues due t limited space between vehicle body panels!
1. Not for Floors with Low Height: This Teslapuck lifting jack pad is not ideal for floors that are low to the ground since it does not come up far enough.

DEDC 4 Pack Jack Pucks

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1. Perfect Support for Car Lift Point: The jack pad adapter provides perfect protection for the car lift point, which is sturdy enough to support your lift point and soft enough to prevent crushing the contact area.
2. Made from High-Quality Material: made of high-quality materials and is wear-resistant, durable, solid, and ergonomic design makes it a must-have Tesla accessory that can be used with many models like Model Y Model 3, or even older model X or S Models like E Series lineup because Jack Pads are compatible with any Tesla vehicle within their battery family starting at end of 2019 release date through 2025 model year production date – all cars in range will use the same battery pack configuration which means no more different sizes required!
3. Protective Design Makes It A Good Fit For Any Repair Shop With Size Considerations For Storage Space In Smaller Areas And Provides Protection From Scratches On Cars’ Paint Job
1. Warranty Claiming Issues: If you’ve ever had a warranty claim experience, you know that it can take weeks and sometimes even months to get reimbursed after your warranty has expired return period expires. That is if they even honor your claim at all! For this reason, many people are taking out extended warranties in order to avoid headaches later down the line when their phones break or what not happens and then try making claims on it sometime later still within its generous return period window before the expiration date arrives again

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Carwiner Jack Pad

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1. Durable Material: This pad will not wear and tear because it is made of high-quality material which is rubber. It has a cushioning effect which makes it durable as well.
2. Protection From Damage: The rubber pad can protect the car chassis from being worn and painted due to too much gravity or too small a fulcrum during the use of a jack for lifting the vehicle after any damage in accidents, etc.
1. Friction Resistant Surface: Jack pads that have friction-resistant surfaces may not provide enough grip on dirt and wet surfaces if used with a standard hydraulic floor jack which is much more common in workshops than their high-quality counterparts used in professional garages


1. What are the best Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads?

The best Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads are the ones that are specifically designed for the Model 3. There are a few different options on the market, but the best ones are made from high-quality materials and have a strong, durable construction.

2. What are the benefits of using Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads?

The benefits of using Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads are that they make it easier to lift the car, and they also protect the car’s paint job from being scratched or damaged.

3. How do Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads work?

Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads work by being placed under the car’s jack, and they provide a stable and level surface for the jack to rest on. This prevents the car from being damaged by the jack, and it also makes it easier to lift the car.

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4. What are the features of Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads?

The features of Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads include their durability, their ability to protect the car’s paint job, and their easy installation.

5. How do I install the Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad?

To install the Tesla Model 3 Jack Pad, simply place it under the car’s jack before lifting the car.

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