Best Seat Covers For Tesla Model 3 in 2024 – What You NEED to Know

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The Tesla Model 3 has a lot going for it. It’s one of the most affordable premium cars on the market, it’s fast, and it looks great. However, there is one area in which the Model 3 falls short – interior comfort. The seats are quite firm and don’t provide much lumbar support or heat. Fortunately, you can address this issue quite easily with a quality seat cover kit.
These accessories will not only help to create a more comfortable ride, but they will also protect your seats from dirt, stains, and UV damage. Read on to learn more about some of the best seat covers for the Tesla Model 3 that we have come across so far…

EVNV Tesla Model 3 Seat Cover

Did you know that some seat covers can only be taken off from the bottom or from the side? That’s a hassle! Simply put on the EVNV cover in seconds, and it stays in place. What is best about this seat cover is that it is waterproof, so those spills stay contained instead of soaking into the seat. You can also easily clean or remove it.

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– Waterproof and spill-proof
– Easy to clean or remove
– No installation – just sits on your seat
– No wires – your dog doesn’t get tangled in wires
– Non-reversible – can’t be flipped over like other seat covers

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Xipoo Fit Tesla Model 3 Car Seat Cover

If you are looking for a car seat cover for your Tesla Model 3, this is a good one. The material is quality and isn’t flimsy. The covers fit snugly and are fairly easy to install.

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Pros: The material is good quality, the covers fit well, and the seat is breathable.
Cons: It can be difficult to put on if you have a lot of kids in the car because it’s difficult to keep track of where you’re putting what cover.
Suggestions: It would be awesome if they made a cover for the floor to go around the car seat as well.

INCH EMPIRE Seat Cover Custom Fit

We tested the Inch Empire seat cover and found it to be true to size, but a bit tight around the armrests. Wed would recommend ordering a size bigger than your seats for a more relaxed feel. The installation was not difficult, but at times the second set of hands would have been helpful. The only tools needed are a couple of zipties and a lever. The installation didn’t take more than 15 minutes.

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Pros – The airbag compatible, child seat compatible, and back seat backrest are a huge plus. Also, the installation is quick and easy.
Cons – The front seat covers don’t come with the front center armrest covers.
Suggestions – Include the front center armrest covers in the pack, or have the option to choose between front and back.

Coverado Car Seat Covers

The seat covers are made of high-quality faux leather. The material is comfortable to have contact with and the color, pattern, and size are all available. Installation is quite easy, it just takes a few minutes, and the most important thing is that you can carry it anywhere.

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Pros: The seat cover is affordable, has a good quality and style, is easy to install, and will not scratch your seats.
Cons: It just covers the front seats.
Suggestions: They may be able to offer a rear seat cover.

Bomely Fit Tesla Model 3 Seat Covers

This is a great product. It fits Tesla Model 3 perfectly and does not break the rules at all with regard to safety and convenience. The cover can also be easily removed.

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– The latest design with a zipper design for easy and quick installation
– The perfect cut-outs for seatbelt buckles and airbags
– Top-quality premium leather
– Easy to install, looks good
– Sizing measurements are a bit off
– Consider making more designs such as brown leather or an all-black design


1. What are the best seat covers for Tesla Model 3?

The best seat covers for Tesla Model 3 are those that are made of high-quality materials and that fit snugly over the seats.

2. Why are seat covers important for Tesla Model 3?

Seat covers are important for Tesla Model 3 because they protect the seats from wear and tear, and they can also help to keep the seats clean. Seat covers can protect the seats from spills, stains, and dirt, and they can also help to protect the seats from UV rays.

3. What are the benefits of using seat covers for the Tesla Model 3?

The benefits of using seat covers for Tesla Model 3 include protecting the seats from wear and tear, keeping the seats clean, and protecting the seats from UV rays.

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4. How do seat covers protect Tesla Model 3?

Seat covers protect Tesla Model 3 by covering the seats and protecting them from spills, stains, dirt, and UV rays.

5. What are the different types of seat covers for the Tesla Model 3?

There are different types of seat covers for the Tesla Model 3, including those that are made of leather, cloth, or vinyl. Some seat covers are universal fit while others are made to fit specific car models. Seat covers are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials to suit any taste.

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