Best Phone Holder For Tesla Model 3 in 2024 – Amazing Buying Guide

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The Tesla Model 3 is an awesome car, but it has its share of issues. Many of these issues are software related and Tesla is working on fixing them as fast as they can. However, there are still a few things that need to be addressed such as the lack of a phone holder.
The lack of a phone holder may not seem like much at first glance, but it’s something that’s very important in this generation. People often spend an hour or more in their cars. The last thing anyone wants to do is hold their phone in their hand the entire time they’re driving (or at least until autonomous driving becomes commonplace).
This short guide will give you some insight into the best phone holders available for the Tesla Model 3 right now.

Andobil Phone Mount for Car

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– Easy Adjustment: Andobil mount comes with a 360-degree rotating design, can be rotated to any angle without lifting the phone up, quick release button for single-hand operation
– Secure and Strong Grip: Andobil super suction mounts are designed with 3-layer nano gel suction cups which gives it an excellent adhesion on your dashboard and grips onto up to 65 pounds of vacuum pressure
– Stable as a Rock: Superior triangle support creates the perfect resting space for your device while driving
– No Air Vent Clip: Car air vents have many uses for hands-free driving devices like phone holders which don’t hold onto anything else in your vehicle–like charging cables or steering wheels Which means you need to pull over every time you want to charge the device that should be mounted on your dashboard with a car mount.

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Kaistyle Magnetic Phone Mount

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– Reliable Design: It has a reliable design with sturdy materials and strong clamping force, which can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs.
– Jaw-dropping Functionality: The 360-degree rotatable arm is perfect for finding the most suitable position and is also great at keeping your sight level high while driving.
– Save Space in Your Car: The mounts are designed to take up as little space as possible so they don’t block your air outlet or dashboard vents and leave you more space for storage or passengers!
– Not so strong magnet: The strength of the magnetic field is not very strong, which can cause a risk of your phone falling off suddenly at high speeds if you are running on a bumpy road. In cases where there is an abrupt stop or turn, even at low speed, it may prove difficult to keep the phone clamped onto the mount without tipping over and damaging it.

Topfit Car Cellphone Mount

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– Excellent Design: The design of this phone holder is new and convenient, and has compatibility with Model 3 & Y that many people want a perfect stand for.
– High-Quality Material: This product uses high-quality rubber silica gel to make the scaffold, which can protect your device effectively without any noise or vibration and also won’t be affected by potholes on the road when driving!
– Lack of proper instructions: The lack of instructions in the Topfit car cell phone mount is another con with this product. With insufficient instructions, many users are likely to find it difficult to use this device at first, especially those who already have experience with other such mounts or gadgets.

Scosche MPD2PK-UB MagicMount Pro Magnetic Car Phone Holder Mount

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– Sticks to any surface: The dashboard phone holder will adhere to any firm and flat surface, making it perfect for use in a car
– Heat-resistant material: The included automotive grade base is made of heat-resistant material that ensures the phone car mount does not fall off even when driving on bumpy roads or taking sharp turns
– Universal size & design: This magnetized smartphone car mount fits most mobile devices up to 3 inches wide and has a fully adjustable gooseneck arm with 360 rotational positionings.
– Won’t work with cases: The MagicMount does not work with phone cases since it must stick to the back of your phone. It comes with a mat that you can place on your dashboard or any firm and flat surface, but this will not always be the perfect position to secure your device in the car.

TOPGO Phone Holder 

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– Simple Installation: TOPGO Phone Holder is lightweight, easy to install, and simple to use. It can be mounted onto the car’s dash without any tools or much effort required from you at all.
– Wide Compatibility: TOPGO Phone holder extends its arms wide enough for different widths of phones as well as phones with cases on them, so it’ll work for basically anyone that wants a safe mounting point in their vehicle!
– 360-degree Adjustable: This phone mount allows you to position your iOS device virtually anywhere within full rotation range which means no more having to contort yourself just because your phone doesn’t want to lie flat down against whatever surface it’s resting on!
– Suction Cups Inadequate: If a phone holder uses the suction cups, the suctions are not fast or strong enough to hold on the car’s surface firmly and it is easy for people to release their phones when they want to make calls in cars.

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1. What are the best phone holders for Tesla Model 3?

There are a few different phone holders on the market that are compatible with Tesla Model 3 vehicles. Some of the best options include the Andobil Phone Mount for Car, the TOPGO Phone Holder, and the Topfit Car Cellphone Mount.

2. How do these phone holders compare to other phone holders?

Compared to other types of phone holders, those that are designed specifically for use with Tesla Model 3s tend to be more sturdy and secure. This is due to the fact that they are made to fit the contours of the Model 3 perfectly, and they often come with additional features like built-in chargers.

3. What are the features of these phone holders?

Some of the most popular features of Tesla Model 3 phone holders include the ability to charge the phone wirelessly, the ability to rotate 360 degrees, and the ability to adjust the viewing angle. Many of these holders also come with a built-in cord management system to keep things tidy.

4. How easy is it to install these phone holders?

Installing a Tesla Model 3 phone holder is generally very straightforward. Most of them come with all of the necessary hardware and instructions and can be installed in just a few minutes.

5. How do these phone holders benefit Tesla Model 3 owners?

There are many benefits to using a phone holder in a Tesla Model 3. Perhaps the most obvious is that it helps to keep the driver’s hands-free while driving. This is important for safety reasons, but can also be helpful when trying to navigate or use other in-car features. Additionally, phone holders can help to keep the phone charged while in use, and can provide a convenient place to store the phone when it is not needed.

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