Best Memory Stick For Tesla Model 3 in 2024 – Top Rated Picks

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When you buy a Tesla Model 3, it doesn’t come with an SD card or any other kind of storage device. So buying one and installing it yourself is essential if you want to be able to listen to music in your car or store pictures and videos from your journeys in it.
Luckily, there are plenty of memory stick options for the Tesla Model 3. You just need to know which ones are best suited for your needs, keeping in mind that there are some things you should consider before buying a particular model. Keep reading to find out everything about finding, buying, and installing the best memory stick for your vehicle:

PSP Memory Stick Adapter

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1. Better Expandability: With the memory stick adapter, you can use a microSD card instead of a Memory Stick PRO Duo that only has 16GB storage capacity. This will allow your device to expand up to 128 GBs in data storage.
2. More Durable Micro SD Card: The Memory Stick Pro Duo is susceptible to damage from the loose and jerky movement since it is not as durable as other flashcards like the Secure Digital or CompactFlash which could withstand constant insertion and removal for years without any damage at all
3. Ease of Use- If you want peace of mind when using our products, don’t worry! It comes with an easy formatting process so that every time you put in your memory stick adapter for the first time; it will automatically format your new microSD card too
4. Lower Cost per Gigabyte – cost savings on Memory Sticks are always welcome
1. Hard to Keep Track of Data: The other problem with memory cards is that it is hard to keep track of data on them when using more than one device at a time because each card has its own unique key which can never be changed and no device will recognize the keys for different Memory Cards simultaneously (unless you purchase an extra SD card reader).

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JUZHUO Original 64GB High-Speed Memory Stick

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1. Memory Stick Pro Duo (MARK2) is ideal for high-speed data transfer and for continuous shooting.
2. Holds up to approximately 4,500 8MP images in H264 format making it a perfect memory stick especially if you are into videography & photography as well
3. JUZHUO Original 64GB High-Speed Memory Stick is compatible with MagicGate copyright protection technology which will help protect your media content from piracy
1. Limited Storage Capacity: Memory sticks have limited storage capacity, making them unsuitable for storing large amounts of data in comparison with other types of digital media devices like optical disks (CD and DVDs) or magnetic tape drives

MS 32GB Memory Stick Pro Duo MARK2

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1. Affordable Price: This is an affordable product with lots of memory capacity.
2. Durable Design: The Memory Stick PRO-Duo has a small and durable design that can be easily carried anywhere you go, saving the hassle of always carrying your wallet or smartphone to store data because this device is reliable and dependable with its shockproof rubber casing so no need to worry if it falls onto the ground while on a walk, hike or some other outdoor activity
3. Tons Of Storage Space: With 32 gigabytes worth of storage space on one SD card, there’s plenty for you to upload as many photos as possible without worrying about running out too quickly!
4. Compatibility Across Devices And Services Providers: This means that all your devices will work in conjunction together for transferring files from one device to another including tablets like iPads and Samsung Galaxies! Even through email providers such as Gmail–all without any trouble at all!
1. Storage Capacity: Memory sticks are capable of holding up to 32GB of data but there is a problem. The memory card is not able to hold other types of files and can only be used for storing games, TV shows, movies or music, etc., in their current state.

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LICHIFIT 32GB Memory Stick

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1. Great Choice of Capacity: If you want to buy a new PSP Memory Key, then LICHIFIT can offer you a great choice in capacity. 64GB is the biggest size available and 16GB is the smallest one
2. High Read Speed: Reading data from Memory Stick Duo PRO Duo SE Extreme if approximately 50MB per second and writing data with 4-bit parallel transfer on this device up to 5MB per second or 40MB per second in the optimized compliant host device
1. Overheating issue: One of the main problems with Memory Stick is overheating. It can lead to physical damage, including a decreased lifespan and even spontaneous failure

XINHAOXUAN MS 64GB Memory Stick 

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1. Higher capacity: This is higher at 64GB and 128GB. It has a large capacity which can be used for storing data necessary for shooting or other purposes, such as time-lapse photography.
2. Image Quality Improvement: It leads to better image quality because its high write speed saves you from waiting when taking pictures in rapid succession at high frame rates (e.g., burst mode).
1. Memory Stick Formatting is required in order to use the memory stick with some PSP devices, cameras, and PC card readers that only support SD format.


1. What is the best memory stick for Tesla Model 3?

The best memory stick for Tesla Model 3 is the one that offers the most storage space. Tesla Model 3 has a lot of storage space, so you’ll need a memory stick with a lot of capacity.

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2. How much storage space does Tesla Model 3 have?

Tesla Model 3 has a total storage capacity of 16GB. This can be expanded via the use of a memory stick, which will add an additional 8GB of storage space.

3. How many USB ports does Tesla Model 3 have?

Tesla Model 3 has two USB ports, one of which is located in the center console and the other in the glove box.

4. What type of memory stick does the Tesla Model 3 use?

Tesla Model 3 uses a USB 3.0 memory stick.

5. What are the benefits of using a memory stick for the Tesla Model 3?

The benefits of using a memory stick for the Tesla Model 3 include increased storage capacity, easier data transfer, and better compatibility with other devices.

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