Best Floor Mats For Tesla Model 3 in 2024 – Budget and Premium

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When it comes to your Model 3, functionality and performance are paramount. You want to create the perfect driving experience that is safe, smooth, and reliable. This means all the small details matter. Even things like floor mats can impact your driving experience significantly. With that in mind, you need to find the best floor mats for Tesla Model 3 so you can keep your car clean while also protecting its expensive finish from debris, spills, and dirt.
And as a bonus, most of these options won’t break the bank either. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best floor mats for the Tesla Model 3 available on the market today.

3D MAXpider Custom Fit KAGU Floor Mat

The 3D MAXpider custom floor mats are designed to provide complete protection for your vehicle’s interior against a variety of threats. They also provide a perfect fit thanks to laser scanning technology and innovative materials.

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– Protects against dirt, mud, snow, rain, salt, and other contaminants
– Custom-fit mat that provides maximum coverage
– Raised edges prevent dirt from falling underneath
– Materials are sleek, durable, water resistant, lightweight
– Expensive
– The color does not match my car’s interior
– Side edges are difficult to clean
– You need to scrub the mat with soap and water to get rid of paw prints

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TAPTES Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3

This is the perfect gift for a Tesla Model 3 owner, especially if that person is into car mats. It’s made exclusively by TapTES, which is one of the biggest and most famous manufacturers of floor mats for Tesla Model 3 cars. It’s also sold and liked by over 10,000 Tesla owners, which means it’s on many people’s “perfect gift” wish list.

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– It is easy to clean – just scrub with a brush and hose it down or toss it in the washer.
– The TAPTES mat is mat-to-mat compatible, meaning that it doesn’t move around in the Model 3.
– The mats are extremely durable and have a lifetime warranty.
– The mats are more expensive than other floor mats out there, but they don’t need to be replaced as quickly.
Suggestions: Produce some custom designs.

SUPER LINER Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Complete Set Custom Fit 

These mats are a huge upgrade to the OEM mats – they are custom fit and keep dirt, water, and other things out of the cabin!

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– They are custom fit to the car and provide great coverage to the floors.
– They are easy to clean with just water or soap and water.
– They have the Tesla logo on them!!!
– They are a bit on the expensive side.
– The backing material is a little thinner than what I’m used to, but it does its job.
Suggestion: If you have kids or pets to deal with this would be a good choice.

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TOPlight Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3

This floor mat is a perfect fit for Tesla Model 3. The precision 3D laser scanning ensures that the pedals will not be affected, and the material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and odorless. You can enjoy your wonderful time with your family in an eco-friendly way.

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Pros – Good price and perfect fit.
Cons – There are no cons. It’s a great product.
Suggestions – None at this time.

YITAMOTOR Floor Mats Compatible with Tesla Model 3

The best Tesla Model 3 floor mats you could buy. Yes, they are a little pricy, but worth every penny. They are thick, providing a comfortable feel and excellent protection from spills and dirt.
Uniquely designed to fit the Tesla Model 3 of all years and models, as well as having additional side panels for the back seats, these mats are well worth the investment if you want the best quality for your car.

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– TPE material is 100% safe even in extremely hot weather
– Unique design specifically tailored to the Tesla Model 3
– Deserves the highest quality considering the price
– Slippery surface.


1. What are the best floor mats for Tesla Model 3?

The best floor mats for Tesla Model 3 are the 3D MAXpider Custom Fit KAGU Floor Mat and the YITAMOTOR Floor Mats Compatible with Tesla Model 3.

2. How do these floor mats compare to others on the market?

These floor mats compare favorably to others on the market because they are specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3. They offer better protection for the car and help keep it clean.

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3. What are the benefits of using these floor mats?

The benefits of using these floor mats include better protection for the car, easy installation, and long-lasting performance.

4. How easy are they to install?

These floor mats are easy to install and do not require any special tools or equipment.

5. How long do they last?

These floor mats are designed to last for many years and will not need to be replaced frequently.

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