Best Floor Liners For Tesla Model 3 in 2024 – Fantastic Performance and Reasonable Price!

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If you own a Tesla Model 3, chances are good that you also live in an area where the weather is likely to change quickly. Whether you live in an area prone to snow and ice or just deal with rain and wet roads during certain parts of the year, it’s important to have the right auto accessories installed to keep your car safe from visual damage and potential hazards.
The floor liner is an essential part of any car. It covers your carpeting and protects it from spills, dirt, and other things that can get trapped underneath. The best floor liners for Tesla Model 3 will go beyond keeping debris out; they’ll help protect your interior from moisture as well as provide additional insulation so your car remains at a comfortable temperature even on hot days.
If you’re ready to upgrade your old or broken floor liners, check out our recommendations below!

TAPTES Floor Mats

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1. Extra protection for your Model 3’s interior against stains and abrasions.
2. Nonslip, no-scratch backing: The TAPTES floor mats are designed with a non-slip and scratch-resistant material to keep every Tesla owner on their toes as they enter or exit the car!
3. Attractive design that looks great in any Tesla Model 3 car interior of any color ・Mat texture is very easy to clean with soap, water, and a cloth ・It prevents slippage while you’re stepping out of the driver side door onto it so you can worry less about slipping around inside your vehicle when stepping up into it again later!
4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you’re not happy we will do everything we can to make sure that this isn’t something you have regretful memories about forever
1. Pricey: The TAPTES mats are more expensive than other branded car mats such as Weathertech and Crossthree, but the price is not very much different from the Tesla Car Mats from Tesla.

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TOPlight Floor Mats

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1. Excellent Design: The car floor mat for Tesla Model 3 is designed with an excellent ‘drag and drop’ design, so it is easy to install or remove the mat
2. Premium Material: Toplight Floor Mats are made with all environmental-friendly materials which can provide you perfect protection while driving
3. Convenient Storage: Their long size of 73 inches offers enough storage space for any items not in use under your mats, such as lifejackets, umbrellas, and other small things
4. Safe Driving! One thing to be concerned about when transporting certain dry goods is spillage – but these mats serve as a buffer zone that minimizes potential spills from damaging the vehicle’s interior or damaging delicate cargo located on the floor of your vehicle ​
1. Not Enough Antenna Slots – The 5 large openings on the Tesla Model 3 floor mats are designed to answer the problem of no antenna slot, with an open design and a Patent Pending technology that you have never seen before. However, there is only one antenna opening available in each corner mat which is not enough for some car owners


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1. Easy to Install: These mats are simple to install and can also be removed without hassle.
2. Great Fit: The 3D laser scanning technology ensures that these floor mats fit perfectly on the car’s surface, leaving no gaps or spaces for dirt and other particles to enter through.
3. Durable Protection: TPE material is proven durable enough not only for medium-sized dogs but also for heavy ones like a Rottweiler, Mastiff, or even more like an Alaskan Malamute so you never have any worries about your pet damaging your floor mat again!
1. Manufacturing Time Frame is Difficult to Meet for Orders Depending on Volume: It is difficult for the manufacturer to fulfill orders that are not high volume due to the long manufacturing time frame needed (about 4 hours).

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BASENOR 3D All-Weather Front & Rear Floor Liners

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1. Protects Model 3’s Carpets: These mats are exactly what you need to protect your Model 3 carpets and keep them in new condition for a long time!
2. Matching Design: The mat design is matched with the original car color of Tesla model 3 which makes it more attractive and stands out from other cars on the road. They are made with quality materials that ensure a flawless finish, so they look great inside or outside of your vehicle all year round
3. Durable Material: Heavy-duty rubber material ensures that this product will last, even if you take it off every day during the winter season when snow/mud can be caked onto these carpet protection liner mats
4. Reduce Maintenance Costs for Car Protection Mats System – Easy Cleaning- This floor mat system reduces maintenance costs by not requiring expensive detail work to clean hard surfaces like plastic or vinyl floors
1. Require back seats be removed before installing this mat cover: You need access down under your Tesla Model 3’s front seats all the way into your trunk area if you want to install these without removing them completely first

3D MAXpider Custom Fit KAGU Floor Mat

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1. Durable Floor Mats: The floor mats are designed with durable, waterproof, and lightweight materials to protect your car’s carpet from the dirt on the ground.
2. Complete Coverage: Our floor mats provide more coverage than OEM or universal car mat covers which helps in preventing dirt from getting underneath the carpet and keeps your vehicle’s interior clean all year round.
3. Easy to Cleaning: A quick sweep of 3D MAXpider KAGU series floor liners will keep them clean and allow you to retain that showroom look for years! 4-Easy Installation: Custom made for your vehicle, our non-slip surface ensures easy installation in any setup
1. MaxPider Car Mats Aren’t Universal Fitment: The 3D MAXpider KAGU Series Floor Liners are custom-made for your vehicle with maximum coverage compared with OEM floor mats or universal car mats making it not perfect for one size fits all type situations though may be the right fit for some larger vehicles and SUVs needing floor liner protection against outside elements like dirt slushy liquids etcetera

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1. What are the best floor liners for Tesla Model 3?

The best floor liners for Tesla Model 3 are those that are made specifically for the car. There are many different brands and styles to choose from, so it is important to find one that fits your specific needs.

2. How do floor liners protect Tesla Model 3?

Floor liners protect Tesla Model 3 by providing a barrier between the floor and the rest of the car. This helps to keep the floor clean and free of dirt and debris.

3. Why are floor liners important for Tesla Model 3?

Floor liners are important for Tesla Model 3 because they help to keep the car clean and free of dirt and debris. This helps to prolong the life of the car and keep it looking its best.

4. How do floor liners keep Tesla Model 3 clean?

Floor liners keep Tesla Model 3 clean by providing a barrier between the floor and the car’s occupants. This can help to prevent dirt, mud, and other debris from being tracked into the car, and it can also make it easier to clean the car’s interior.

5. What are the benefits of using floor liners in the Tesla Model 3?

The benefits of using floor liners in Tesla Model 3 include protecting the car’s floor from wear and tear, helping to keep the car’s interior clean, and providing a measure of insulation against noise and vibration.

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