Best Auto Repair near me in Elmore, Idaho 2024

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When your car is in need of repair, you may not know where to turn. You may have questions about the best way to go about getting your car fixed, and what to expect in the process. Here are five frequently asked questions about auto repair, along with the answers.

1. How do I know if I need to take my car in for repair?

If you are experiencing any problems with your car, it is best to take it in for repair. Symptoms of car trouble can include strange noises, trouble starting, and problems with acceleration or braking. If you are unsure whether or not your car needs to be fixed, it is best to take it in for a diagnostic check.

2. How do I find a good auto repair shop?

When looking for a good auto repair shop, it is important to do your research. Ask friends and family for recommendations, or check online reviews. Make sure to choose a shop that is ASE certified, and ask about their warranty policy.

3. What should I expect during my car’s repair?

When taking your car in for repair, you should expect to be kept up to date on what is happening with your car. You should also expect to pay a diagnostic fee, which will be applied to the cost of the repair if you decide to have the work done.

4. How can I save money on car repairs?

One way to save money on car repairs is to compare prices between different repair shops. You can also save money by getting your car serviced regularly.

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5. What should I do if I am unhappy with the work that has been done on my car?

If you are unhappy with the work that has been done on your car, you should first speak to the shop owner or manager. If you are still not satisfied, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Your search for reliable auto repair in Elmore, Idaho ends here with these reputable shops

Business Name Phone Number Address
Boise Mobile Auto RepairBoise Mobile Auto Repair +12089853284 Boise, ID 83717
Garry’s AutomotiveGarry's Automotive +12085621693 2200 S Cole Rd, Boise, ID 83709
Perfection DrivetrainPerfection Drivetrain +12089210909 504 E 45th St, Ste 19, Garden City, ID 83714
Christian Brothers Automotive MeridianChristian Brothers Automotive Meridian +12089968012 1402 W McMillan Rd, Meridian, ID 83646
Boise Muffler Auto RepairBoise Muffler Auto Repair +12083360028 111 E 36th St, Garden City, ID 83714
Aloha Auto RepairAloha Auto Repair +12082583007 3817 W State St, Boise, ID 83703
Carl’s Auto RepairCarl's Auto Repair +12083760096 108 E 48th St, Garden City, ID 83714
Bob’s Auto RepairBob's Auto Repair +12083228487 Garden City, ID 83714
A Better Auto Repair Service Of BoiseA Better Auto Repair Service Of Boise +12083431020 3849 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City, ID 83714
Elite Mobile Auto RepairElite Mobile Auto Repair +12082029912 BOISE, ID 83704
Boise Muffler ShopBoise Muffler Shop +12083768541 6100 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704
Automotive Technical ServicesAutomotive Technical Services +12086391506 2900 S Cole Rd, Boise, ID 83709
Rod’s Auto RepairRod's Auto Repair +12083764700 4345 W Chinden Blvd, Boise, ID 83714
A & M Service CenterA & M Service Center +12083428981 250 W 36th St, Boise, ID 83714
Mobile Tech Auto RepairMobile Tech Auto Repair +12085712122 4650 W State St, Boise, ID 83703
Naylor’s Auto RepairNaylor's Auto Repair +12083430732 7451 Lemhi St, Boise, ID 83709
Precision AutomotivePrecision Automotive +12083622452 7300 W Victory Rd, Boise, ID 83709
Supreme Auto RepairSupreme Auto Repair +12083445915 2703 N 36th St, BOISE, ID 83703
Buss AutomotiveBuss Automotive +12083895397 4560 S Orchard St, Boise, ID 83705
Mountain Home Auto RepairMountain Home Auto Repair +12085874000 910 Airbase Rd, Mountain Home, ID 83647
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